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Studio Pro's selects Sunday song composers Dion Brain & Chris Brain for their fall 2020 artist profile.


October 7, 2020

On finding inspiration for your Sunday songwriting and production.

Dion/Chris:  We definitely knew how we wanted “Sunday” to sound. Trusting Craig, our Producer, to achieve our vision to a professionally mastered recording took time, patience, and confidence in our creative choices.  It really helped that Craig understood our song right away and had lots of great musical ideas that all came together in the final production. All the StudioPros musicians were top-notch.  We felt it was critical to get a great vocal to carry the tune and the vocalist Filip delivered beyond our wildest expectations. 

Dion: Chris gets the credit for starting this Sunday project. He has an ear for melody and came up with this really catchy jazzy chord pattern.  It stuck in my head and the lyrics came easily at first… the song’s laid-back jazz groove has an urban weekend vibe and the first words riffing the song with Chris were the opening lines to the song, “Sunday, taking a walk and thinking about my baby.”  The song definitely has a city inspired feeling, coming from my time spent on New York’s Lower East Side.  Its activity and energy, lots of people out and about on sidewalks and cafes, jumping in cabs… that imagery was in my head when I wrote the lyrics.

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